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Full Snow Moon

Full Snow Moon By Tara Sutphen

The Snow Moon at 9* Virgo will culminate February 28, 2010, 08:38am PST/11:38am EST (almanac). The time of allowing yourself to shine, be it in the workplace or through radiant health. Being in sync with how you create security and well being. Isn’t it time to enjoy your vocation, to create good health from lack of stress as you live your life, your way. If life has lacked luster what would make it shimmer. Would you make a change in your career, or just your everyday patterns and routine. Have you been fighting minor or chronic health issues. Are you listening to your body, to your mind and assessing your needs. Or do you ignore your inner dialogue due to bills you have to pay and the demands of your time and energy. How about procrastination, do you say you’ll take care of yourself and your obligations for a ‘real life’ tomorrow or soon. Do you do for everyone else but you. Or put off today what you could do tomorrow. Do you waste your time sidetracking your goals and personal success due to over-socializing or hiding in activities such as excess television or media related activities. Are you a good judge of how others squander their time and lives. What are the essentials and non essentials of your life, or do you know. Mistakes are made when we don’t go with our natural flow and tune in to what we wish for and require. We live an invisible agenda, we can act comfortable and repressed or we can confront our feelings, risk our time and energy and grace ourselves with vitality and fortitude. Choose your health, it will lead you to people of strong mind and bodies. Choose to learn and grow, it will lead you to choose wisely your career or job. And if you must work at a job that doesn’t suit you, it’s never too late to begin what does satisfy you. It might not happen immediately but it will develop if you set goals. You are only a step away from living the life you dream…….

Journal Questions: Are you confused about what you want to do as a job or career? Are you confused on how you got to this place that makes you feel boxed in? Why do you feel boxed in? What little steps can you start to do to get yourself out of your ruts? Are you depressed? What has brought about your restlessness, anxiousness or depression? How can you fix your emotions? Can you detach? Can you make commitments? What do you feel are your strengths in life? What are your medical problems? Are you passive or pro-active? How are you healing yourself? Is there anyone to talk to that understands your health problems, frustrations or sadness? If not, why? and if so, who and how do they help you. Write down the advice they’ve given.If it’s several people, write their names down. They can be Dr’s, Therapists, Parents, Family, Friends — Are you following any advice? Can you remember what their advice is and write it in your journal? Or do you have theories on how you might be able to bring yourself out of issues or the doldrums. What would allow you to advance? Are you procrastinating? Saving your aspirations to act upon them some rainy day or down the road? What makes you excited? Why don’t you decide to alleviate any sign of unrest the minute it happens to you? You know upon the planet there are many modalities of healing. Maybe you need to start taking care of these issues before they are problems. There is always a way out of any situation, be it your health, how you make money or your emotional security. You must choose a direction and slowly go the course. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. Your life is about Now…not yesterday or tomorrow. You can do it.

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