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Full Strawberry Moon & Partial Eclipse


Full Strawberry Moon

By Tara Sutphen

Full Strawberry Moon (Native American)at 14* Sagittarius will culminate June 4, 4:12 A.M. Pacific/7:12 A.M. Eastern (Almanac).

The Full Strawberry Moon and partial eclipse, where we’re being nudged gently to give up what holds us back. Many incidents in the past create a mental and karmic link and we go round and round in our minds trying to figure out how to escape turmoil. We are living up to either our dashed expectations or our goals and intent. Many are struggling every moment of every day with an issue or another and so much anxiety. Why are so many people riveted in uncertainty. Over the centuries were people always this way. Or in our modern society have we become influenced by each other. The worries of each individual, health problems, emotional ills, the job anxiety, money sabotaging, restlessness, outrage, entitlement, apathy, exhaustion, the list goes on, do we carry those fears or do we stand up to them. Reviewing our beliefs is a first step to liberation of misgivings, the second step is to act accordingly and release. As looking back and blaming everyone and everything for fault and failure is not constructive living. Needed is elucidation. Specific people, the government and circumstances will naturally bring us to situations that need to be handled. This is life.

We play our lives as best or as worst as we can. We walk around in a dream, designing what happens by our actions and reactions. Oh we may not like what takes place randomly day in and day out. Entrenching us emotionally or physically, we find ourselves either in the quagmire or the palace. Living up to our choices and how we respond to circumstances and events. We are so lucky to have options, we don’t always remember that fact though. Thankfully if we back up a little and free our judgments, we can work at alleviating predicaments. The unease may have begun with parents, siblings, teachers, lovers, spouses, children, employers, bureaucratic leaders, but it will end with our self. As much as we want to control time, we really do have a different life experience and planet stopover than others. As we recognize this, we can view opportunities. Stepping away from difficulty and as calmly as possible reintegrate what best works on a daily basis. And if we take a moment to offer others understanding and benevolence, it will surely extend our way as well. We’re not supposed to be struggling all the time, we’re really intended to be enjoying our life, like the people we know, benefit from our relatives and family, relish work, attach value to experiences. All the heartache and the suffering are lessons to teach us to survive. We were born to live…

Journal Questions:

Daily journal homework:

  1. write about giving up trivialities

  2. gain depth of being

  3. Build your self esteem

  4. Say something nice about a family member, coworker, an acquaintance or a friend

  5. Say something nice about yourself 

  6. Write a love sentence

  7. Appreciate something about the day

  8. Gain a fresh approach to problems

  9. If life was perfect, how would you unspoil it more

The dark night of our souls, the idiosyncrasies we hide and the weak parts of our physical make up. They make or break us.

“Psychological freedom, a firm sense of self-esteem, is the most powerful weapon against the long night of physical slavery.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.-American Civil-Rights Leader. 1929-1968 

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 Standing Before The Moon Ritual

Standing Before

The Moon Ritual Meditation & Sleep Programming

Although you would ideally do this meditation outTrack beneath the full moon, you can also experience it by imagining the moon and four directions as you are surrounded with magical energy … a rainbow of light. In the Goddess’ name, you open to the light. You can actually stand up and raise your palms to the sky or imagine this process of being energized and rejuvenated. Facing North you ask for solutions to your problems and experience many blessings. Facing East you seek solutions and prosperity while trusting yourself to make the right choices. Following many blessings, you turn to the South and ask for increased self-esteem and harmonious relationships with the people in your life. After the blessings, you turn to the West to face your destiny and ultimate potentials. Open your mind and release your courage. The ritual ends with the moon as your guiding light on the shadowed path. It illuminates your dreams as you walk steadfast and proceed on your earthly journey with an open heart. Track 2: A beautiful sleep programming version of the ritual. Listen as your cross over into sleep and explore the four directions into your dreams.

also available in CD

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