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Full Wolf Moon

Full Wolf Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Wolf Moon (Native American) at 7* Leo will culminate January 27, 2013 1:38am PST/January 26, 2013 11:38pm EST (Farmers Almanac).

This Full Wolf Moon jogs our memory to focus on what we would like to create in our life. It reminds us to begin to dream again and rebuild a foundation -the first vestiges, the maiden voyage, a commencement…We use to explode with ideas, whether they were realistic or not. And now after deliberation we may let thoughts emerge. What if we let the ideas erupt and the muses dance, allowing ourselves to aspire of what could become. What is the real you and your wishes. Have you created yourself or let others create you. Where have you lost you or have you found yourself yet. Burst forth ideas…when you venture either in your creativity, goals or outside yourself, you come alive. What if you’re feeling stuck, let’s go back to what strengths and skills you have, have you used them to your advantage. Sometimes we find ourselves way down the road from where we started from. Do you believe in the possible or have you grown weary accepting less than. Where did you begin to take less love, less money, less happiness, and less of your life. Don’t follow anyone else’s style — create your own. Make decisions based on your aspirations and goals.

Life is full with promise. It’s time for nurturance within yourself and attracting others. What makes a loving and lasting relationship usually requires not only commitment but also choosing the right person. Know not to give up on one self because of social conditioning or imperfect parents. It takes courage to grow and change, making a next stage of innovation. Learn to value your needs and desires, while becoming aware of a whole and loving Universe. It is our natural world to be vibrant in thought, word, and deeds.

Journal Questions:

 Don’t make a decision and change your mind in a matter of months. Write down your goals and return to the list often, remembering your goals.

List of Goals

Are you feeling stuck

  1. Why

 Do you feel lost


Are you taking less than?

  1. Love

  2. Career

  3. Job

  4. Health

  5. Relationships

  6. Friendships

  7. Happiness

  8. Exercise

 What do you need to make your wishes come true

  1. Spiritually

  2. Emotionally

  3. Intellectually

  4. Materially

  5. Physically

 There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, if we allow self-sufficiency and happiness with our routines and the people we find surround ourselves with. Develop your personal philosophy to carry you through your good and bad times.

“What was once impossible now summons us to dismantle the walls between ourselves and our sisters and brothers, to dissolve the distinctions between flesh and spirit, to transcend the present limits of time and matter, to find, at last, not wealth or power but the ecstasy (so long forgotten) of commonplace, unconditional being. For the atom’s soul is nothing but energy. Spirit blazes in the dullest of clay. The life of every woman or man-the heart of it-is pure and holy joy.” steepdeep. ~ George B. Leonard (American author b.1923-d.2010) 

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Standing Before

The Moon Ritual

Meditation & Sleep Programming

Although you would ideally do this meditation outTrack beneath the full moon, you can also experience it by imagining the moon and four directions as you are surrounded with magical energy … a rainbow of light. In the Goddess’ name, you open to the light. You can actually stand up and raise your palms to the sky or imagine this process of being energized and rejuvenated. Facing North you ask for solutions to your problems and experience many blessings. Facing East you seek solutions and prosperity while trusting yourself to make the right choices. Following many blessings, you turn to the South and ask for increased self-esteem and harmonious relationships with the people in your life. After the blessings, you turn to the West to face your destiny and ultimate potentials. Open your mind and release your courage. The ritual ends with the moon as your guiding light on the shadowed path. It illuminates your dreams as you walk steadfast and proceed on your earthly journey with an open heart. Track 2: A beautiful sleep programming version of the ritual. Listen as your cross over into sleep and explore the four directions into your dreams.

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