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Happy Full Christmas Moon


Full Christmas Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Christmas Moon (Native American) at 3* Cancer will culminate, December 25, 2015 3:11PdT/6:11pm EdT (Farmers Almanac).

This Cancer Full Moon is celebrated this year on the Holiday Christmas. There will not be another full moon on Christmas until 2034. The meaning of this moon is all about expressing yourself in the best possible way. Making an effort to be sincere. There are many times we are asked to awaken to our lives. And how appropriate for this full moon to be on a major world holiday where we are thrown together with family, friends and strangers. The Moon is your personal spotlight and shines down to help create good faith. Some of us resist and don’t want to participate. But this year the coast is clear. That’s if we step into our better selves and create some good karma. I don’t think spilling our guts might be the answer on a festive full moon. But the people who are meaningful for you, make sure to speak up and share a moment. Life is comprised of many such opportunities and it’s important to say what we mean and mean what we say. As there is an old adage and truth, we won’t pass this way again.

If we all started to appreciate the experiences in our lives, instead of being bored or too self-absorbed, we might release our personal suffering. Just remember to ask questions. Queries take the pressure from you having to answer. Get those conversations going and memories made. In the olden days the old folks could be square, well…”don’t be square”. The subject isn’t important, be honorable or listen on a deeper level. Quelling the loneliness of another or sharing a sentiment. Making others happy leads to our own happiness. And if we don’t have anyone around on the holiday, make yourself your own best company. Cook, read a book or watch movies, just be at your best. And if you’re in the dumps over losing loved ones, they want your happiness, rest assured they would revel in your new memories. We have to learn to live, every moment counts. And this Full Moon reminds us: Love our lives, love the people in our lives. Grant yourself permission to do the best you can…in any situation. Greeting others and letting ourselves be noticed as part of the memory.

Journal Questions:

Paragraph+ for each question.

Are you confused about your relatives

  1. Why

Tell me the good relatives

  1. Why

Tell me the about the bad relatives

  1. Why

Are you confused about your friends

  1. Why

List what are your expectations of your friends

List what are the expectations of your family

Do you reciprocate the list of good and bad. List it all

What do you do for your friends

What do you do for your family

What do you do for strangers

Are they appreciative

Are they not appreciative

  1. Why

Do they doubt themselves

What is their behavior

Are you not taking the initiate to create your own holiday

Do you help a situation

Do you hurt a situation

  1. Why

How do you make the holidays into a memorable experience

Do you participate

Do you prepare festivities

Do you avoid all events and parties

  1. Why

Do you have your social skills handled

  1. Why

What holds you back…

  1. People problems

  2. Money problems

  3. Relationship problems

  4. Health problems

  5. Personal issues

  6. Bad habits

  7. Phobias

  8. Career problems

  9. Past choices

  10. Stress

  11. Overwhelmed

Do you have healthy

  1. relationships

  2. career

  3. job

  4. homelife

  5. friendships

  6. marriage

  7. children

  8. beauty

  9. exercise

  10. eating

  11. inside maintenance

  12. outside maintenance

  13. person maintenance

  14. place maintenance

  15. thing maintenance

When you feel insecure, do you have

  1. Compassionate acceptance of yourself

  2. Compassionate acceptance of others

  3. Spending too much time on others and not yourself

  4. Spending too much time on yourself and not on others

  5. Forward movement toward positive activities

  6. Forward movement toward negative activities

What and Who Motivates You

  1. Family

  2. Friends

  3. Job

  4. Career

  5. Money

  6. Beauty

  7. Health

  8. Harmony

  9. Things

  10. Strangers

What and Who Are You Fearful of

  1. Family

  2. Friends

  3. Job

  4. Career

  5. Money

  6. Beauty

  7. Health

  8. Harmony

  9. Things

  10. Strangers

Regain your health! Do this on Christmas and Practice for the following month and all your life if you want:

  1. Breathing deeply a few times a day

  2. Drinking more water

  3. Taking a walk

  4. Meditating

  5. Praying

  6. Writing in a Journal

  7. Creating a solution

  8. Creating plans

  9. Giving Hugs

  10. Offering Smiles

  11. Saying nice things to people

  12. Waving here or there to people

  13. Enjoying a color

  14. Enjoying nature

  15. Enjoying architecture

  16. Complimenting your kids

  17. Complimenting everyone

+We have to learn to live, as every moment counts. This Full Moon reminds us: Love our lives, Love the people in our lives, Make an effort in events. Grant yourself permission to do the best you can…in any situation. Greeting others and letting ourselves be noticed is part of the memory.+

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—– ““History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illumines, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life, and brings us tidings of antiquity.” ~Marcus Tullius Cicero (Roman Scholar & Statesman 106 BC-43 BC)

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