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Happy Full Fish Moon

Full Fish Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Fish Moon (Colonial) at 26* Virgo will culminate March 16, 2014 10:08pm PST/1:08pm EST (Farmers Almanac).

This Full Fish Moon in Virgo is an elucidated gift. We have reward emissions with this full moon instead of only pointing out our human stumbling. As the moon approaches fullness we are to be in a cosmic adjustment mode. Breathe in deeply, be playful, turn up your music, and sing along. We are to turn up our “joie de vivre”. Simple pleasures are one of the keys to release stress. Liberate worries! Make yourself laugh.

Think of all the joy we lose when trapped by a swirling mind. It’s time to dance and sing and let loose. Realistically you might not be able to cast all your problems to the wind, but stop over analyzing. We are not to render ourselves mindless. We are not to numb ourselves with intoxicants or adverse behavior. We can be overwrought by demands. You may be distressed by society or others expectations, which can lead to depression. Don’t allow the feeling of helplessness. We have control of our thoughts and reactions. There is a time and a place for problems to be rectified, and waiting until the right and necessary time can serve you. Hasty remarks or actions lead to problems and ill-will. Our parents, teachers and authority figures instilled in us mixed messages. Our society would have us think our lives are about material goods. Be wise in the decisions regarding you and yours, on earth we are only here to thrive. We must remind ourselves to think clearly. You entered life to live…really live. You are on the earth to create good decisions, opportunity in actions and meaningful feelings. It’s about confidence. It’s about sincerity. It’s about holding strong to love. It’s about building a foundation to comfort the spirit, intellect, emotions and physical well-being. Simply make a commitment at reducing your anxiety levels and learning to love your life again. It starts with only a choice…

Journal Questions:

What makes you feel joyful

  1. Why

  2. What is your dream

Have you lost your patience

  1. Blame yourself

  2. Blame others

  3. Feel discouraged

  4. How can you heal


  1. What about

  2. Where is your self-worth

  3. Are you having negative feelings

  4. How can you heal


  1. Where did you lose your trust

  2. Where have you become dependent

  3. Who or what are you relying too much

  4. How can you learn to trust and heal


  1. Are you resisting responsibility

  2. Are you reliable

  3. Are you conscientious

  4. Are you being used by others or work

  5. Are you feeling worthy

  6. How do you help others

  7. How do you help yourself

How do you heal

Do you feel as though you are failing at life’s lessons

  1. Why

  2. Do you have to justify

  3. Do you have to defend

  4. Do you have to explain

  5. How do you heal

Are you leading a double life

  1. why

  2. how

  3. love

  4. money

  5. job

  6. weight

  7. success

  8. happiness

  9. place

Do you include your significant other

  1. In your hobbies

  2. Are they constructive

  3. Are they destructive

  4. How do you heal

Are you living your dream

  1. Why

  2. What is your dream

Are you living your nightmare

  1. Why

  2. What is your nightmare

Are you fun

  1. are you an adrenaline junkie

  2. are you controlling

  3. are you mad all the time

  4. are you sad all the time

  5. are you too happy all the time

  6. are you careless

  7. are you reckless

  8. are you into over sensation

  9. are you into overt behavior

  10. are you into altercations

  11. are you boisterous

  12. are you overly excited

  13. are you meek

  14. are you over eating

  15. are you over stimulated

  16. are you lacking concentration

  17. are you fearful

  18. are you confused

  19. do you talk too much

  20. are you too silent

  21. are you unbalanced

How do you heal

write about why

Having a Pleasurable Life

  1. If unhappy, how can you change this

  2. Give yourself ideas

  3. Speak up, be friendly, support groups, hobby groups, meet ups

  4. Alone time for hobbies and reading

  5. Explain who you really are – recognition of “the real you”

How to have fun

  1. Spiritually

  2. Emotionally

  3. Intellectually

  4. Materially


How to find trust

  1. Spiritually

  2. Emotionally

  3. Intellectually

  4. Materially

  5. Physically

What do you want

  1. Spiritually

  2. Emotionally

  3. Intellectually

  4. Materially

  5. Physically

Be insightful. Be the person you long to be. Bring joy and light into your life. Others can’t bring you happiness, all decisions are yours to make. Don’t allow for disappointment. Rediscover your potentials. Gratefulness goes a long way to creating harmony. An effortless hi to yourself in the mirror might put you on the right track for the day. Of course you have to say hi with sincerity. This is an exercise and should be done easily without a negative response. We see uptight often, so seek to be conscious and motivated. Not everyone in your sphere will follow your lead into harmony. How to mend our earthly woes is “trust and joy”, these are all the tools needed.

“The secret of Happiness is Freedom, and the secret of Freedom, Courage.”~Thucydides (Ancient Greek Historian & Author, 460-404bc)

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Meditation By Tara Sutphen

“Zing”  — a Magic entering the Mind … Ideas form into thoughts and daydreams.

Muses spark the creative process and stimulate one’s endeavors into fitting ventures. Overcome your obstructions, whether lacking confidence or intangible concepts. Sometimes we can get lost in indefinable and elusive development. In Greek Mythology the Muses gave inspiration to everyone and granted wishes. They have encouraged artists since antiquity, acknowledged for their importance in resourceful innovation and formation.

In this meditation each Muse will grant you her gift, guiding you toward greater resourcefulness and motivation. The Muses inspire inception to the completion of an urge, starting projects from outset to finish. Search for variety of the inner you and your talents, bring your childhood desires into reality. Have you been struggling and need extra support? Let the Muses encourage you in the direction of a greater fate. 30 Minutes.

TS490 — $14.99 ( MP3 FILE )

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