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Happy Full Snow Moon


Full Snow Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Snow Moon (Native American) at 14* Leo will culminate February 3, 2015 3:09pm PST/ 6:09pm EST (Farmers Almanac).

This Leo Full Moon aspects Rishis or Saints that were the seers of thought. By clearing our minds and meditating awhile, we need to let worries go and open our minds to expand creativity and productive clues. Be originative in every area of our lives. Home life takes a bit of refinishing to make it shine and to conduct ourselves in thoughtful ways toward harmony and security. Focus, mindset, strong values come to mind. There is a process to everything, not that you have to plan out every detail, but it’s nice to have a direction. Take time for conscious thought or at least trying to learn the art of thinking clearly. Make up your mind to be in love, know how to work smarter, create great health, build pride, do art, make beauty, adore your family, and produce projects.

Spring is right around the corner. In your mind release any clutter or confusion. What would be the perfect romance, fancy fun ideas, outings to create camaderie with your family and friends, allow for new and innovative people to enter your sphere, places to visit, nature outings, books to read, tea to drink and things to touch upon your thoughts. We don’t always know where we are going, but if we change our mindset, we can step into an amazing life. Prepare your thoughts for tomorrow and then again for another tomorrow…not fantasizing the future but holding sacred space for wonderful events to enter your every day life.

Journal Questions:

Paragraph+ for each question.

Have you been holding steady on your New Years Resolutions

Are you procrastinating on your New Years Resolutions


Are you taking time to release and cleanse clutter in your mind

Have you let go of worry

When you worry, you are allowing something to exist that is beyond your control

These are signs, what must you actively do to help yourself or others in these situations – clear the clutter in your mind and think of solutions

What are three kinds of scenarios if you alleviate a certain problem

When you meditate, Give room in your mind for solutions to arise regarding and give yourself 3 ideas for each:

  1. People problems

  2. Money problems

  3. Relationship problems

  4. Health problems

  5. Personal issues

  6. Bad habits

  7. Phobias

  8. Career problems

  9. Past choices

  10. Stress

  11. Overwhelmed

Give yourself 3 words connected to the following – what pops in your mind: Add a few names at the end of your list.

  1. Family

  2. Friends

  3. Job

  4. Career

  5. Money

  6. Beauty

  7. Health

  8. Harmony

  9. Things

  10. Strangers

Give yourself ways of alleviating negativity:

Breathing deeply a few times a day

Drinking more water

Taking a walk



Writing in a Journal

Creating a solution

Creating plans

Giving Hugs

Offering Smiles

Saying nice things to people

Waving here or there to people

Enjoying a color

Enjoying nature

Enjoying architecture

Being Thankful

Allowing to know a solution and working toward them

—–“Whenever conscience speaks with a divided, uncertain, and disputed voice. It is not the voice of God. Descend still deeper into yourself, until you hear nothing but a clear, undivided voice, a voice which does away with doubt and brings with it persuasion, light, and serenity.” ~Henri Frederic Amiel (Swiss Writer 1821-1881)

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