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Happy Full Sturgeon Moon


Full Sturgeon Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Sturgeon Moon (Native American) at 18* Aquarius will culminate August 10, 2014 11:09am PDT/ 2:09pm EDT (Farmers Almanac). 

The sharing quality of Aquarius movingly accepts worthwhile contacts and experiences and isn’t concerned with whose got what and why as long as “the cup” is passed for all to have something to hold and to have. Fairness is a powerful ally. Instead of hoarding “the oasis” it’s all about how the future belongs to the good hearted, the worthy and children of tomorrow. You are standing in the light of the moon, your personal spotlight. You have been hurt, you have been betrayed, you have been tested…Afraid of falling and being alone. And within our culture we tend to condone this as failure instead of only just learning experiences. Aquarius reminds us of a deeper meaning and a reason. Once again reach for hope. You can have everything you need. Remember you are strong and faithful.

Aquarius is the 11th part of a souls contract as our spirits come to gain entry to the next step of our sojourn. You are to stand on the land, and the top of the mountain staring at the shining stars, stand with humanity in truth, we are one. We are in this together. Creativity is to be realized, technology is to advance, philanthropy to be sought. We’re walking into the future and leaving the past. And when you stop and send wishes to heaven, cry out in joy for all the beauty and all the pleasure, for the comfort and the protection. There is the promise of love and a great life. You are surmounting the odds.

Journal Questions:

What are your opportunities at this time

  1. Soul Goals

  2. Intellectual Goals

  3. Emotional Goals

  4. Physical Goals

How is your heart concerning

  1. your self-confidence

  2. your self-worth

  3. your negative feelings

  4. How can you heal

Do you harbor

  1. Suspicions

  2. Where did you lose your trust

  3. Where have you become dependent

  4. Who or what are you relying too much

  5. How can you learn to trust and heal

Are you lazy

  1. Are you resisting responsibility

  2. Are you reliable

  3. Are you conscientious

  4. Are you being used by others or work

  5. Are you feeling worthy

  6. How do you help others

  7. How do you help yourself

  8. How do you heal


  1. How do you help others

  2. How do you help yourself

  3. How do you heal 

How are you seen in the world

  1. Spiritually

  2. Emotionally

  3. Intellectually

  4. Materially

  5. Physically

 How do you hide

  1. Spiritually

  2. Emotionally

  3. Intellectually

  4. Materially

  5. Physically

What do you want

  1. Spiritually

  2. Emotionally

  3. Intellectually

  4. Materially

  5. Physically

This moon reminds us to make contributions and distribute a generosity of spirit, if we don’t give, we certainly won’t get. This isn’t only about worldly possessions. When your higher mind is meeting your actions you feel good and flow into helpful advancement. Even if we don’t have much, there is a way to offer a small speck of totality to another. And when allowing this richness of our spirit to be shared we can expect our essence of life and breath to harmonize with others. We become fluid in our emotions and movements, trusting in our every day process and more gifts naturally appear and abound. –

“All of us are guinea pigs in the laboratory of God. Humanity is just a work in progress.” ~Tennessee Williams (American Playwright. 1911-1983)


Cheyenne Van Zutphen Writings: In summertime, the sea breeze called me to the great blue deep. I eagerly rushed forth as if the hum of the sirens had lulled me to the empty beach. Naked in the star lit night, a servant of the moon, controller of the tides. I walked to the water transfixed by the waves pulsing with power, spellbound by the strength of that giant white gem that glowed luminescent in the clear sky. It pulled me in and under, into the earths warm womb. The ocean was dark, but the light from the galaxy above guided me to the surface for air. I licked the salt off my lips with each breath before returning to the weightless embrace of the great below. I was half fish, half human…a mermaid bewitched by the twilight. The vast depths had taken me for its own, claiming me as part of the sea. 

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Muses spark the creative process and stimulate one’s endeavors into fitting ventures. Overcome your obstructions, whether lacking confidence or intangible concepts. Sometimes we can get lost in indefinable and elusive development. In Greek Mythology the Muses gave inspiration to everyone and granted wishes. They have encouraged artists since antiquity, acknowledged for their importance in resourceful innovation and formation.

In this meditation each Muse will grant you her gift, guiding you toward greater resourcefulness and motivation. The Muses inspire inception to the completion of an urge, starting projects from outset to finish. Search for variety of the inner you and your talents, bring your childhood desires into reality. Have you been struggling and need extra support? Let the Muses encourage you in the direction of a greater fate. 30 Minutes.

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