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Jason D McKean has been heard the world over as the voice of OM Chants and Meditations that have sold over 1,000,000 copies. He is a Commercial Artist, Musician and Producer immersing his skills into the New Age Industry for 25 years. Coming to the forefront now to introduce OmdogOm – Meditations to quiet the mind and help many to achieve the life they dream, through the latest in Brain-Mind Technologies.

The programs carry the sound of the Om, a simple state of grace which embodies the four stages of Being. The three sounds in Om (AUM) represent waking, dreaming, deep sleep and the sound of silence. It is known as an Eternal symbol of which all exists. It is a prayer in and of itself. God sees us in love, God sees us in peace, God sees us awakened in the garden of life.Product search

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According to Ancient Sanskrit, OM is the sound of life. And in science there is fact that the earth, planets, and space make reverberation. OM is considered in helping the nourishment of all living things, and is a constant resonance that connects all of us from the beginning to the end. We are all joined in creation at the deepest level.

These OM Meditations are designed to help one’s energy flow with the waking and sleeping state. A healthy mind is inspired and motivated to develop physical stamina and a keen intellect. Uniting us to our most intuitive soul qualities, adding spiritual purification as we continue to awaken to our reflection of God’s Love. Prepared as they are to help focus on inner power, compassion, the way to love, and live in grace, mercy and wisdom. There is constructive healthy ways of thinking to bring clear understanding and have true purpose and responsibility on an individual’s journey.

We have chosen a dog logo as the embodiment of loyalty and devotion, little blessed gifts from the Divine to love and cherish. It is a symbol to not only hold inside our totality but to share kindness.

You can search for titles a few ways: You can click on the Series buttons above, or you can search through the topics at the top left (OM Meditations, OM Chant Music, etc.) or you can type in a search word at the top left under PRODUCT SEARCH (weight loss, money, health, etc.).

Each title has an audio sample that you can access by clicking the LISTEN button.

Thank you for your interest in our product. We will be coming out with more titles in the future.


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