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Love Spell

Happy Valentines Day

Love Spell by Tara Sutphen

2 Red Candles

 Choose a candle for you & the other candle is for your Beloved (Known or Not Known)

Wand (optional)

Repeat after me

 I Bequeath My Heart for Thy Love

Pour drops of wax into your Beloveds candle

Repeat after me

 I Call Forth My Beloved

Pour drops of wax from Beloveds candle to your candle

Repeat after me

 Ebodiment of True Love, Come to Me

 Epitome of Real Love, Come to Me

 Beloved, Beloved, Be the Ideal

 Connection of The Souls

Wave your hand clockwise over the candles (creating movement)

Repeat after me

 I Cast Intent, I Mark It, I Beseech It, I Ask It and So It Is……

Point your finger or wand -North

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