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Needing Questions/Letters for Book Project

ANNOUNCEMENT: Thank You for your questions/letters to those of you who have already submitted to me. For you who haven’t submitted or would like to for another segment of the book – I’m writing an automatic writing book with deceased author Jess Stearn, we had such a great rapport in life and it’s carried forward in death. I have him answering all sorts of questions about the other side along with Abenda, my Spirit Guide. I’m wanting now some questions on Love, Whether you desire love and need some guidance, if you have a good relationship ‘now’ and want to know what the past lives are, plus you telling me and making a list of what makes it a great relationship, and if you’re experiencing difficulties any rocky relationship questions/letters. I also need Ending of Relationship questions/letters – Mostly by death, name who you are looking for and what your love relationship was…and you can ask questions about endings of relationships in rejection and your feelings, also about endings of divorce and why, also state your feelings. You can private message your questions here or at and let me know if I can use your real name or not when I publish

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