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By Tara Sutphen

Doesn’t the Universe set you up with mysterious people. Everyone thinks that, you know. I’m sure some of the relatives coming to land in your personal sphere are a bit of an accident, you know in your heart, they just have to be a fluke. And how about those dandy relationships we’ve chosen. Did we choose? They seemed to be right in front of our eyes, egging us to get onto the roller coaster and we got on for the ride. Or did we encourage them onto the ride. There are people so important and we love them, no matter what. Life seems unexpected and remarkable, and yet do we think our connections are random. And If we’ve lived before, how do we begin to find out.  And if we recapture memories, what is the effect.

Recollections, there are cultures and countries we have an affinity, or an adverse response. Something triggers the instinct and reactions. Like with everything on earth there is some kind of mystery attached, we don’t know the outcome of most experiences that we are living today. We don’t know where we’ve come from, where our babies begin, why we are here on earth, why we have to experience the things we do, whether they are good or bad, and who is virtuous or cruel. Science and Religion have no real answers, the theories are fun to explore but facts, most, if not all are concepts.  Since we are speculating, we may as well research what we can on re-embodiment. Salvaging an approach to some kind of orderliness seems to work best for our minds. And there seems to be memories from other times and places, but they are vague. So what do we do when we want to look at past lives.

Hypnosis seems to be the best way to reach an altered state, of course some people seem afraid but you actually won’t do anything against your moral code. Exploring our ability to remember can be fun, curiosity can peak on where we might’ve lived, who we’ve been, what our career or pastimes were, our love lives, discovering strengths and weakness, exciting activity or misadventures. One of the easiest ways to begin the search is to be guided with a past life mp3/cd or to hire a hypnotist/hypnotherapist. Then there is a guideline to follow, with deep breathing exercises and then suggestions, bringing your mind and five senses into awareness. If you can try to visualize, attune your hearing, touch things, feel your feelings, and taste the food in your meditation…you’ll be more likely to tap into important aspects of yourself. Transfer as much of yourself into your personal movie as you can.

Encounter who you’ve known before, see, feel and hear who you love, who matters now, why they matter, what you do as a craft or skill, are you making money and why or why not, what town do you live in and country, what wars have happened, what date is it, are your current relatives there, do they help you or hinder you. Are you helping or hindering them, how is the government run, how is business run. What are the cures of common ailments. The list goes on and on. Have as many questions as possible lined up. And you can be specific with good and bad questions, why am I attracted to ______, why do I have trouble with ____, why can’t I help feeling rejected by _____, what blocks me from success, why do I feel the way I do to who am I going to marry, what did my child do in their last life for a job, what do I need to do to move my child or people around me into success. What are my gifts and talents in this life, etc………..  As with everything, there is a beginning point and ending details, make sure that at the ending time you release any physical pain or mental anguish. You can do this easily by counting 1,2,3 – saying to yourself no pain, no sadness. The investigation of these past times may be clues of your reactions to joy or fear, and to certain people and situations.

Reincarnation is a tool to clear the mind, answering the otherwise unanswerable, giving rhyme to reason and food for thought. We are the product of our past.

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Past-Life Release Understand How Your Past Is Influencing Your Present, and Release Undesirable Effects

Track A: You’ll be directed back in time with a voice saying, Beyond the doorway lies a life you once lived in another time and another place … an incarnation currently affecting your present life. A very unusual exploration of the past life follows. Track 2: The same beautiful music used on Track 1, to explore past lives on your own or to simply enjoy.

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DREAM OF PAST LIVES Sleep Programming

You are directed to dream of past lives and to remember the dreams literally upon awakening. Script Example: “Your past-life memories can be released as dreams if you ask. You will relive vivid memories of situations from your past lives. You will dream about what happened. You will dream about who you were. You will dream about your past-life ties with the people in your present life.” Past-life awareness can help you understand what influences, motivates and restricts you in the present.

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