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Sedona Vortex Meditations with Tara Sutphen

Sedona Vortex Meditations with Tara Sutphen

  1. Fee: 1 day $85.00 usd

  2. Fee: 2 days $150.00 usd

  3. Dates: October 15-16, 2011

  4. 9am registration

  5. 10-6pm (2 hr lunch)

  6. Instructions on meeting/maps/instructions upon registration

  7. Materials needed: notebook/pen (more below)

To Register:

310/770 6454

Tara will take a group of people for meditations at the different Vortexes August 6-7, 2011, Saturday and Sunday.

Sedona is considered a Spiritual Power Place and Native American Holy Ground. The Vortexes have long been studied and spoken about…and the beauty alone is breathtaking.

Tara will start with a past life therapy meditation in each of the vortexes. We will discuss the past lives. Then right there in the vortex we’ll start to work on alleviating the issues or blocks through deep meditation, imagery analysis and understanding. You’ll be able to gain insight on Relationships (Family or Romance), Health, Money, Happiness, Spiritual, or phobia/fears. She will lead Healings of Body, Mind and Spirit at each Vortex – we will work individually and as a group.

Tara will conduct automatic writing sessions and encourage journaling your hopes, aspirations and overcoming.

The Vortexes are labeled masculine and feminine. We will focus on our inner power in the feminine – what do you want to be when you grow up…who am I….Am I the person I long to be…how do I love….where is my talent and skill…… can I be clear and clean within myself. The outer power is the masculine – who do I appear to be…Am I who I thought I’d be…where’s my vitality level…..what do I want……am I experiencing my purpose….what are my antidotes. And the list of questions you have for yourself that you can share.

This will not be a hiking seminar, rather a time to really connect and flourish within the vortex energy. So we won’t be going very far in. We will find a comfortable place and be there for hours at a time to do our inner work in an outdoor vortex setting.

August in Sedona – supplies: we will need water, sun block, a hat, correct shoes, if you want to sit on something or bring your crystals and different treasures you can.

Tara Sutphen CCHT is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She’s known as a “Way Clearer” engaging her Celtic and Native American heritage to reprogram behavior, fears and limiting beliefs.

A Master in the Psychic Sciences, Tara’s abilities have been documented since 1981. She is a Clairaudient, Clairvoyant and Clairsentient and her Automatic Writing with her Spirit Guide Abenda is recognized throughout the world.

Tara is celebrated for her Books, CD’s, Dvd’s and Radio Show as well as her Therapy, Gatekeeping, Psychometry, Sorcing, Handwriting Analysis, Esoteric Astrology (Eastern & Western), Soothe Saying, Palmistry, Tarot, Psychic Tracking, Shamanism, and Mysticism.

Tara is in private practice, offering therapy for depression, change, lack of change, reconnection with spirituality, health, purpose, success, goals, money, love, and learning — for singles, teens, parents and/or marriage counseling. Tara is also available for psychic readings, Astrology and lessons on any of the modalities she studied. She conducts seminars, workshops, Shamanistic Rituals and Blessings.

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