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Tara in New Zealand & Australia

Tara in New Zealand & Australia

Seminars & Private Sessions

to register: nz 021-162-4445

Come join Tara Sutphen, we will have fun exploring psychic activities, meditations & regressions in the most beautiful settings upon the earth.


  1. Exploration of your Psychic Connection

  2. Mt Maunganui, NZ April 1-2, 2017

  3. Past Lives Exploration with Tara Sutphen

  4. Auckland, NZ April 16, 2017

  5. Ancient Spiritual Teachings with Tara & Aborigine Shaman – Yenundeh Wuy Wuy Waddy

  6. Byron Bay, Australia April 8-9, 2017

Tara will also conduct private sessions

  1. Hypnotherapy

  2. Psychic Readings

to register: nz 021-162-4445

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